What is the durability of mycelium products?


Mycelium products have the same durability of wooden products.

Their decomposition will start only if they are broken down, watered and put into the soil.


Can I make a custom order?


Of course you can. We can grow a custom item for you in your chosen colour/texture/scent with no extra cost. Contact us for more details.


How long do orders take to be delivered?


Orders take 20 working days to be made if they are not already in stock then for UK orders, an additional 2 working days to be delivered. International orders can take up to 21 working days to be delivered, dependent on your country. Feel free to email if you have any questions regarding your country's delivery time.


Where do you make your objects?


All Mykor pieces are made by us in the UK. Our studio is based in Chatham, Kent.


Where do you source your waste and mycelium?


We source the wood waste from saw mills in England and locally from Medway Council.

Our mycelium supplier is based in London.


How do I care for my Mykor items?


All pieces are designed and made to very high standards meaning they should last a long time. In order to help them do this, make sure to handle them with care to avoid breakage. Clean with a damp cloth or rinse under running water and let them dry completely before you re-use them.


How do I dispose of Mykor products?


As soon as you want to dispose of your object, hopefully after a very long time, simply break it apart by hand and compost it at home.