Bring the forest home

Mykor is a biotechnology and advanced materials company developing sustainable materials for the construction industry. The company’s proprietary custom-engineered materials are sustainable, highly-performative, carbon-negative and feel and perform like foam. 

We also use our innovative material to create unique and sustainable home décor pieces made from Kent urban wood waste, natural dyes and mushroom mycelium. Mykor products are hand-crafted and grown in small batches or to order, meaning they are one of a kind and highly customisable. 


The process

We collect the waste from local urban green spaces and sawmills, we inoculate the mycelium, add natural dyes and let it grow for two weeks.

After this time we transfer the mixture into moulds and let it grow for two more weeks. At the end of this process we let our products air dry and they are ready to become a special part of your home!

When the moment comes for your object to go back to nature, you can discard it directly in your garden or compost heap.

By nature, back to nature.

The Kyoto Collection

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